Ediustips.com was started in 2005 when I was making the transition from editing with Adobe Premier, to working with Edius. Edius was still early in its development and was suffering from a number of “growing pains”. Still, I found it to be a very flexible and powerful program that delivered great looking video! In spite of some frustrations, I ended up staying with Edius and still edit most of my projects with it, even though there are many great options out there.

As a way to encourage others to take a serious look at Edius, I started posting some tips and tricks to help people get rolling with the program. I was amazed to see the traffic results, as thousands of visitors showed up! As the years have gone by I have added more video tutorials as my schedule would permit.  We have tried several methods of content distribution and subscription methods to help pay for the dedicated server and hosting costs.  Our latest method is to simply make this content free to all visitors, host the tutorials at YouTube and hope that the  advertising revenue is enough to cover the current website hosting fees.  For more on our rational for switching to this model click here. If you would like to show your appreciation for the tutorials and encourage me to record more, please support my Tip Jar!

Meet the Instructor
Frank Spangler is a photographer, video producer and Internet instructor.  He has been using Edius since 2005.  He says, “I learned how to edit video on a computer, shortly after AVID released their first products.  I worked with AVID systems for about five years before switching to Adobe Premier for most of my edits.  Then, when Adobe rewrote the program and called it “Premier Pro”, they failed to include certain functions that I felt were critical.  I began to look for another program and turned to Edius, since I was already using some of the hardware cards from the same provider.  Back then, Edius was definitely in it’s early stages of development, but it already had the important functions that were now missing in Premier “Pro”.  The one thing that I really appreciated was the fact that Edius actually allowed me to edit videos in real time, with no rendering, without having to spend thousands of dollars for extra hardware.  Even now, although I have the latest Adobe Creative suite, and Premier Pro has added the missing features, I still continue to edit most all of my projects in Edius.  If you are new to editing, I encourage you to just start with the best editing program available today, Edius!


However, it should be known that ediustips.com is not meant in any way to be an official manual on Edius. The information offered at this web site is for your consideration only. Due to the fact that every user will have a unique installation that is effected by hardware and other background software, actual results may vary! With each new revision of the software, settings and options can change, which may affect advice given in some sections of this site. No guarantees are offered or implied! Any work lost as a result of following suggestions, tips and tutorials found at this web site, is the hazard one must take when learning a new program and are sole responsibility of the reader/viewer! It is understood that the student assumes all risks!

Also, it should be noted that Ediustips.com is NOT an official site of Grass Valley. It is not the intention of this site to in any way be an official “help desk” for Edius. I might be able to answer the odd email question that comes in, but more often than not, I am off on a shoot, in some remote location and do not have easy access to email. To get quick answers to your questions about Edius, I recommend that you join the Edius Forum user group at the Grass Valley website, and post your question there. There are a great group of Edius users out there, that keep one eye on this forum, and you will most likely receive an answer to your question within the hour!

Your comments, observations, corrections and criticisms are always welcome! Use the “Contact Us” form to drop us a line!

Happy Editing!

Frank Spangler