Archiving Your Footage

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Ever wish that your studio or broadcast station had a definitive media library that was easy to access and understand? After six years of shooting HD video, I finally reached a breaking point where I simply had to do something about my footage. I needed to get it organized and safely archived.

Since I knew that this was going to be a very time consuming process, I decided to take some time and think things through about what would be the most efficient and bullet-proof method about doing this. How could I take advantage of all of the features and tools of Edius accomplish my goals?  I wanted to create a process that I could not only use today, but have available for use in the future as new CODECs become available.  I wanted to set up a system that not only gave me a set of Grass Valley HQ avi files but could then automatically churn out a set of GV QT files for clients on FCPro systems. 

In the four video tutorials below I demonstrate the workflow that I developed to not only create a library of stock media for myself but also be ready to create new sets of files using any export setting in Edius available today or in the future.  Each new set of files will all come from a first generation, high quality avi file, set up in Edius for optimal conversion. 

Follow along in our series of tutorials to discover how you can also bring order out of chaos at your broadcast station, or production house.


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