Joomla Skills



A couple of years ago I started creating websites using an open source software platform called Joomla.  I was so impressed and amazed at what I was able to create with this software that I started recording tutorials on the system.  A number of Edius Tips users have commented on this website and others that they have seen me show in some of my lessons.  They have asked if I could share these Joomla tutorials here so that they can start building websites to feature their videos as well as for their clients.  We will start with an introductory set that I recorded for a separate website about a year and a half ago.  These are very generic lessons that will walk you through all of the basic steps of how to get started building your own website.  We will then follow that up with a new set of tutorials, that demonstrates how to work with some of the beautiful responsive templates available from Rocket Theme today, such as the template that I have used to create the latest design here at Edius Tips.  As you follow along in this series, you will soon be designing your own sites for yourself, your business, and your clients!  No coding skills required!

If you have been working through these tutorials, you may have noticed that i have recently deleted some that I recorded on Joomla 2.5.  Joomla 2.5 has been discontinued as of December 2014 and is no longer being serviced with security patches and updates.  It is no longer recommended to use Joomla 2.5.  I will be recording new tutorials on Joomla 3.x this summer and will post those here as soon as I can!

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