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A question that we often get is, how do you get your videos to load so fast and play so well?  Most of the credit for that has to go to the host provider that we are using, Wired Tree.  You have probably noticed ads for their service here at our site.  Over the lat 15 years I have tried a lot of host providers, but Wired Tree is by far the best I have used.  Their VPS service is only $49/month and it is blazing fast!  

You might be saying “$49/month!  That is way more than what everyone else charges for hosting, why should I pay that much? What do I get for that?” 

Well, first of all, it is important not to be fooled by all of the hype that is out there in the hosting business!  There are a gazillion internet service providers out there that are competing for your business, all posting amazing offers of “unlimited” storage, and “unlimited” bandwidth per month, all for about $120.00/year. Some are even offering plans stating $36/year! These sound great, but be warned, “unlimited” rarely means unlimited, and you are almost certain to run into some issues if you try and host video at these sites.   The last thing that you want is your client calling you up complaining that their videos are not playing well on the site that you set up for them.

The first thing to note is that you are comparing apples and oranges.  The entry level plan at $49/month at Wired Tree is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) system.  Most all of these other host providers with the great prices and their “unlimited” promises, are putting you on what is called a “shared server”  Sounds nice, … everybody is sharing, everybody is getting along…. But what it really means is that your site is being hosted on one computer where you are sharing the resources, memory, throughput and processing power with up to two thousand other clients.  Think about that for a moment and you will begin to understand how it is that video clips don’t play well from these kinds of servers. 

Why “Unlimited” Really Does Not Mean Unlimited

About 12 years ago, some host provider got the bright idea of offering unlimited storage as a way to promote their business and sign up new clients.  To compete, others started doing the same thing.  It became a great tradition in the hosting business to offer everyone "unlimited everything".  But don’t be fooled.  These people are business savvy.  They are in this to make a profit.  They have found ways to protect themselves from people who really try and test the limits of infinity!

File Number Limit

"Warning! Will Robinson, Warning!"

While there may be “unlimited storage” offered on most of the shared hosting plans out there today, the way the industry protects themselves from so-called "abuse" is on the NUMBER of files they allow you to store! Before you sign up, check the terms of service agreement (TOS), for a limitation on what they call “inodes”. Some are 50,000 others are 75,000. What are inodes?  Every file, every email, every document that you create for your site takes up one “inode”.

Some users may not run into any problems, others will. If all you need to do is throw up a brochure site, you will never experience any problems.  If you want to try and set up a stock media site like I have done in the past, you can very quickly bump up against the inode ceiling.  You may only be using 30 Gigs of storage, and haven’t even started to use the “unlimited bandwidth", but you have hit an inode barrier and you can expect a call or email to discuss what to do with your site.

Unlimited Bandwidth

What they really mean is, “you can have unlimited, even ‘unmetered’ bandwidth through the very, very small pipe or 'tap-opening' that we will give you."  I have had host providers, when they found out that I was trying to run videos from my site, turn my faucet closed so tight that it only gave out a small trickle.  Videos simply would not play.  They did not have to terminate my account to save their system, I was forced to move on, if I wanted my videos to play.

Support May Not be So “Unlimited”

I have used host providers that take days to respond to requests for help.  When a client site is down for days, it could mean that I lose their contract, not just for the website but for all of the other work that I might do for them.  This could mean thousands of dollars of business lost, simply because I am relying on a cheap host provider, offering cheap programs.  Don’t take a chance like this.  Get with a service that is fast, doesn’t play tricks and works with you to keep your sites up and running.

Here is What I Have Found at Wired Tree.

First and foremost, as you have probably noticed here at Edius Tips, (which is hosted by Wired Tree) pages pop on and videos load up fast.  Just watch the buffer line, at the bottom of your video, stream across the page the next time you watch a tutorial.   This is due to several things.  Wired Tree has built servers that are accelerated with SSD drives.  This makes everything run faster.  They are connected to some very fast piplelines.  With my VPS, I am not sharing resources with thousands of other sites, I get dedicated RAM, equal share of the CPU and 4000GB of bandwidth per month.

I have been with them now for almost a year and I have to say that I am very pleased.  Everything just works, and it works fast!  When I do submit a ticket, the response time is usually minutes, with affirmative action being taken right away!  This is no doubt due, to a great degree, because they do NOT have thousands of first time website builders that have signed up for some $3/month plan.  Most of the clients who sign up for a $49/moth plan are serious players and already know how to do most stuff.  There is a lot less “handholding” going on, freeing up the support staff to help you out when a real problem arises.  Your client’s videos will not only play but you will never have to worry again that a failed site may cost you your contract, while you helplessly wait for someone to respond to your ticket!

With a VPS server, you are given access to most of the back end of your partition on the server.  With a little knowledge and learning, you can use your Control Panel to build as many unique sites as you can with the storage space you are given with your plan.  I currently have about 15 unique sites running, in addition to Edius Tips, all for $49/month.  Not bad!  If you have run into the same frustrations that I have with the crazy host provider industry in the US, do yourself a big favour and checkout Wired Tree.  You will be glad you did!.

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