Quick Tips for Edius 6.x: Creating Project Presets that Edius Remembers

Are you finding that each time you start a project in Edius 6.0 that you are having to delete VA and Title Tracks? If you used the default setting options the first time that you ran the program, Edius 6.0 will revert back to the default settings of its own presets every time, that include these and other undesirable settings. Even if you go in and use the customize option for the settings of one of the Project presets, Edius will not save the choices that you make to your user profile, and will not provide you with these the next time you start a new project. In this Edius 6 training tutorial, we will show you how to make your own custom project settings that Edius 6 will remember. (Version 6.02)

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