Quick Tips for Edius 6.x: The "Export Between In and Out" Check Box

Are you having problems with the export tool of Edius 6.0? Are you getting your whole timeline, instead of the selection that you chose with your in and out points? By default, Edius 6. comes with a box called, "export between In and Out", unchecked. As of version 6.02, this box is not only unchecked by default, It has been "hard wired" to remain unchecked. Each time you use the export tool, you must remember to check this box or you will end up exporting your WHOLE timeline!. In this Quick Tips for Edius 6 Tutorial, we will discuss your options and one work around for the problem. (Version 6.02)

Please Note: This issue has been resolved in version 6.03 Please be sure to update to the latest version!

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