Easy Editing with Edius 6.5x


Now that version 6.5 of Edius has been out for a while and Grass Valley has had a chance to come out with a few refinements, we thought that it would be good to record some new tutorials to cover some of the email questions that people are sending in.  If you are new to Edius, and are just starting with version 6.5, you will want to go through some of the video tutorials for version 6.0 to get up to speed on some of the unique interface features of the program.  As there are not a lot of significant changes to the interface experience in version 6.5, we won't go through all of the step by step instructions on how to edit with Edius again, in this section on 6.5.  Here we will simply cover some of the new features of the latest release of Edius, as well as try and answer some of the most common questions that people ask us about the program, that may not have been completely covered in previous tutorials. 

Welcome to the Edius world of video editing!


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